The Fifth Annual Underground Arts Market!

Don’t miss it! This Saturday. It’s going to be FUN!

We’re located at 802 Ralfallen at the corner of Beverley:

802 Ralfallen, Houston, Texas 77008 (in the Heights!)


A few of the featured artists include Susan Lewis Storey, Origami Crafts, Space Montrose,  Stephanie Lienhard, Renny Griffin, and others (more links soon).


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Underground Arts Market, 2010

Assorted pics!

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Art Girls, Fall 2010

Aren’t they grand? Samples of this semester’s work coming soon!


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Modigliani’s Grave

At the Cimetière du Père-Lachaise cemetery, Paris!

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New Birch Tree Painting

Birch Trees


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The Art Girls made some wonderful birds today! Acrylic on wood with additional baked clay textures glued to the painting.

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Planter Boxes!

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